Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Fall Wardrobe Staples

I've been having a pretty good streak of luck at the area thrift stores lately.  So good, in fact, that I've decided to make my thrifting finds a weekly blog post starting with my haul from Arc's Value Village this morning.  Excuse the blurry dressing room selfies (and my bizarre facial expressions).

 The first thing I tried on this morning was this Garnet Hill blouse that gave me flashbacks to the "puffy shirt" episode of Seinfeld.  Granted, I only tried it on because of the label.  I'm not a fan of this pumpkin spice color and 3/4-length sleeves with elastic never, ever look right on me.

Luckily, the rest of the items worked out better.

Next up was this over-sized Eileen Fisher merino wool sweater.  Again, I grabbed it because of the label, but I like this shade of purple and it seems like an easy top to wear with jeans, skirts, and maybe even leggings. 

Here's an Old Navy knit dress.  It's not too exciting, but it's one of those wardrobe staples because it's comfortable (hello, elastic waist), neutral, and has a flattering cowl neckline.  It could be dressed up with a statement necklace, tights, and boots, or dressed down with Chuck Taylors and a jean jacket.  

 The last thing I tried on was this navy corduroy jacket from Land's End.  I don't own a lot of jackets right now so I've been keeping my eyes on the outerwear racks.  I think it's perfect for a chilly fall day when I'm not ready to get out my winter coat, but want something other than my stand-by denim jacket.  

I like it a lot better unbuttoned.  It has some stretch to it so it's super comfortable and easy to move around in.  Perfect for playing outside with the kids, while managing to look somewhat pulled-together.  

The register is where the real magic happened.  Here's how everything added up:

Eileen Fisher sweater 12.99
Old Navy dress 6.99
Land's End jacket 12.99
a pair of Baby Gap jeans (for Punky) 3.99

30% off Chinook Book coupon -11.09
(one thing I love about Arc is that the discounts are easy to come by)

Total price $15.87
Total time spent in the store: 45 minutes

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