Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Kid Stuff

For this week's thrift store adventure, I went to Goodwill.  Goodwill has been around for, like, ever, but in the past couple years, the stores have undergone a huge upgrade.  They are bright and organized, with amenities like electric car charging-stations out in front.

In preparation for the holidays, I noticed the shelving had been rearranged to spotlight the new, in-the-box, toys donated by Target.  

 Notice the sad little orange clearance stickers half-covered by Goodwill's price tags?  I guess Angry Birds GO Telepods weren't such a hot seller and Target had to dump them somewhere.  Fortunately, my kids think they are the greatest things ever, and have been wanting to collect the whole set.  

I'm not crazy about bringing more dumb little plastic toys into our house, but I figure if we already have a designated storage box for our Angry Birds stuff, what's a few more?

Punky spotted this Hello Kitty miniature garden set, and I agreed that it was the perfect scale to integrate into our dollhouses.  

They had fun all afternoon playing with their new, super-cheap toys.

I got a few other things:  a wooden salad bowl I'm going to clean up and use for storage, another Angry Birds toy to keep hidden until Christmas morning, and a couple movies.  We'll probably keep the movies around a few months and re-donate them so they don't clutter up the house.  It's still cheaper than Netflix or Redbox, and don't even get me started on buying brand new DVDs.

The best find of the day goes to Punky, who spotted something pink and ruffly in the kids' racks.  I checked the tag and saw it was Crewcuts, so we nabbed it.  Why would anyone donate a perfectly good silk Crewcuts dress?  Probably because it requires 15 minutes of tedious ironing after every wash.  Still, it's a lot of fun and has already inspired a lot of twirling, dancing, and make-believe.

Angry Birds toy 1.99
Angry Birds toy .99
Hello Kitty toy 1.99
Wooden bowl 1.99
DVD 1.99
VHS .20
Crewcuts dress 2.99

Total price $12.14
Time spent in store 30 minutes

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