Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: More Christmas Goodies and the Ironing Board of Shame

Boy, oh boy, did I score some cool stuff this week at Arc Value Village.

I first heard of these GoldieBlox sets last year when everyone was posting the commercials all over Facebook.  I like the idea of a STEM-based toy marketed toward girls, but hadn't really considered buying these.  We have a lot of Legos, after all.  Anyway, used and in good shape, they're great to throw under the tree this year. 

My kids love The Polar Express, but we don't have the book.  This hardcover one's in great condition.  I did a quick flip-though to make sure pages weren't ripped or colored on.  Also, I found videos for Olive The Other Reindeer (we have the book but have never seen the movie) and Frosty The Snowman because the kids have complained that it's not on Netflix.

I swung through the kids' clothing even though, there's nothing they really need.  But that very morning I had been searching for a warm cardigan when Punky wanted to go to preschool in this: 

(I let her go like this anyway)

So I found this nice white Gap cardigan that will hopefully go with a few other summer dresses she still likes to wear in December.  Also, I found these cute, black shorty boots for her. 

Here's a fun little stocking stuffer for The Mister.  I wish there had been a full set, but I know he'll like it, especially if I get him something to fill it with.

While in my basement sewing area, I often wish I had a handy, tabletop ironing board next to my machine to press seams.  So when I happened upon this cute little IKEA ironing board at Arc, I was pretty happy.  The 7.49 price tag seemed high to me, and maybe I should have said something about it, but I let it go because the money goes to a great organization and I figure I get so many great deals there that I can pay a little more once in a while.  I got home and looked online to see how much they normally go for at IKEA, and it was 4.99.  Ugh.  And on top of that, it was more work for me because I had to take off the cover and wash it.  

Also, after putting the cover back on, I realized that it was really wrinkly.  So now I have to iron the ironing board cover.  Facepalm.  Don't get me wrong--I'm still really happy I got it because it will go to good use.  It's a good lesson for me to do my research when a price seems off.  

Goldie Blox 1.49
Goldie Blox 1.49
The Polar Express Book .99
Olive The Other Reindeer VHS .69
Frosty the Snowman VHS .69
Gap Cardigan 1.49 (yellow tagged items 50% off)
Cherokee Boots 1.99 (yellow tagged items 50% off)
Surly Pint Glass 1.09
4.99 IKEA Ironing Board 7.49 (I really love you, Arc!)

Total paid: $19.00 (after rounding up to make a contribution)
Total time in store: 30 blissful, kid-free minutes

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