Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Morning Roundup 8.31.15

Hey!  It's Monday morning and both my kids are at school!  This means I can get back to my blog, among many other things I couldn't make time for all summer.

Instead of a typical First Day of School picture, the kids wanted to show off their new backpacks.

Here's a few good links I found.

This seems right on to me: The Commandments of Going Out to Restaurants With Kids  We actually don't go to many restaurants with our kids because of the hassle of food allergies, and when we do go somewhere it's pizza or Subway.  I'm hoping some day we will be putting these into practice.

You can't be stressed out while listening to the Cat Purr Generator.

I'm excited to start Apartment Therapy's Fall Closet Cure.  I've followed some of their other home improvement cures before, and I have to say they really break down a big project into doable steps.

Meal Templates for weeknight dinners.  Yesssss.  We already do a pizza night once a week, but here's more inspiration.

Does your family have its own code names for the various Lego pieces?  This made me laugh.

I'm so excited to sit down and write some some real blog posts now. Stay tuned!

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