Thursday, December 31, 2015

My last Thrifty Thursday of the year (and why I've barely done Thrifty Thursday in the last few months)

I'm squeezing in one more blog post before the end of the year, although it's not a very exciting one.  The thrifting has honestly been a little slow lately.  I don't get out to thrift stores as much as I used to, though theoretically I have way more free time since both kids have been at school.

I think what changed for me was that I read Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and I started purging my house like crazy.  I didn't exactly follow the Konmari plan by getting it all done in one fell swoop, but that book lit a fire under me and made me obsessed with getting rid of everything that isn't useful or doesn't "spark joy."  Don't laugh, it sounds like I joined a cult, but if you just read the book, you'll know how much sense it makes.  

Anyway, I made a list of items I could really use in my closet, and it turned out, I could get rid of about half my clothes.  I also bought more brand new clothes, especially basics like black leggings and longish neutral t-shirts, which are things you almost always have to go out and buy new anyway.  I mean, you could scour thrift stores for the perfect white t-shirt that isn't stretched, pilling, or stained, but you could also get a nice one at H&M for $10.

But yesterday I felt the allure of the Goodwill as I was out running errands without the kids and I had to pop in just to see what there was.  Well, it was a good thing I did because...

I found this great Eileen Fisher cardigan for 6.99.  I am turning into the biggest Eileen Fisher fan.  I used to just ignore it as a brand because I figured it was for "old ladies."  Actually, the clothes are kind of genius.  They are loose and drapey in an elegant, not sloppy, way.  They are usually very beautiful colors, a little muted, but never drab.  And they are incredible high-quality fabrics that hold up to washing and wearing, so if you find them at a thrift store, they will be in great shape.  Also, they are some of the most ridiculously expensive clothes.  I can't even buy them on clearance when they're new, because a sweater will still be $90.  So it's a thrill whenever I find some Eileen Fisher in a thrift store because I know it cost a small fortune new, and I'm getting a great piece for practically nothing.

This J. Jill cardigan was an awesome find because I was actually wearing the exact same cardigan in purple (and also thrifted) the same day.  I wear the purple one a lot, so it made sense to get another one in a different color, but after thinking it through, I left it in the store.  I really tried to imagine myself wearing red (even this great shade) and I couldn't do it.  This was a Marie Kondo moment, because before, my default would have been to buy it and think about it later, but this time I trusted my instinct that if I was on the fence about it now, I would never leave the house in it.  That felt really good.  

Then I found this other Eileen Fisher cowl-neck dress/tunic for 5.99.  It's really, really basic so I could wear it on it's own as a sleeveless dress, or over leggings, or under a cardigan.  Yes, black is a little boring, but it has potential to be dressed up with jewelry or colored tights, so this is a solid choice for me and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot.  

And that's it.  I've had some ups and downs with thrifting this year, and gave up on it a few times.  But the few really nice things I've found have made it worth it.

Note: I'm using the Blogger app on my iPad for the first time, and I haven't got a lot of it figured out yet  so I'm posting this having no idea what it looks like.  


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