Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Painted Patio Rug

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota, and I've been waiting for this opportunity to make our patio into an extension of our living room, where we can hang out and play as a family.  

I knew we wanted some kind of soft covering over our concrete slab, but outdoor rugs can be pretty expensive, even the Threshhold for Target ones that coordinate with the cushions I already bought this year.  

Unbelievably, while I was looking at the nicer rugs at Target, I came across this plain gray one for $19.99. For that price, I decided I couldn't ruin it no matter what I did to it, so I hauled it home.  

We unrolled it out on the patio and admired how it was already warmer and softer than cement.

I decided to make my design compatible with the ribbed pattern that was already in the rug.  I made four sections, then used painter's tape to make stripes that alternated with each section.

I used two cans of spray paint, one white and one yellow to paint over taped sections.  I held a piece of cardboard to block the overspray from the next section.  

A few hours later, we peeled up the tape to see the design.  

Now, for less than $30, we have a rug that pulls together the colors of the patio furniture, plus creates a nice place for the kids to sit and play.  


  1. That is genius! Way to go, Suze!

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